TLWPT Good News!

The Lewis Workplace Pension Trust

Good News!

We are delighted to attach the charts from the April 2023 edition of Corporate Adviser, showing TLWPT at the top of the charts (1 year and 5 years to retirement). Good news for our Members!
Equally significant is the return for younger savers at 28.30% over the last 5 years and achieving fourth place over 1 year for younger savers (our Default 1 fund) with a return of -5.2%.

These results are impressive considering the significant losses of most of the Master Trusts in the last 12 months, with NEST at  -9.18% and NOW pensions at -19.80%.
The independent commentary on the last page states 'the derisking strategy has delivered particularly impressive returns over the past year, when many defaults have seen significant losses in the run up to retirement’.



'A very well done to all the team, the Trustees and the Investment Committee - it's great seeing all their hard work being recognised.'
Tim Lewis
Managing Director
Lewis Investment

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