Keeping you in the loop

As previously advised the Lewis Offices were closed following the Prime Minister’s announcement introducing significant new restrictions on business activities and further guidance on social distancing.

The Health & Safety of our staff, their families and our clients was our first and foremost priority.  With all our staff working from home it has been “business as usual” for the last couple of weeks and we have been able to deliver our normal level of service.  Our team have been like graceful swans furiously paddling below the surface dealing with this extraordinary situation.

As no one knows how long the current measures will remain in place we have now moved to our second priority – ensuring that we can maintain a level of service to you our clients throughout these uncertain times.

We have taken our own financial advice and made some really tough decisions due to the significant reduction in new business.  It is not, and will never be, our intention to lose any of our most valuable assets, our people, but to make this possible we have temporarily reduced our team of advisers and support staff. 

We have placed them on furlough (a new Government job protection scheme) so they can continue to receive an income through this uncertain time. Please be assured that this process has been carried out in consultation with our entire team and they are all keen to ensure your interests are paramount. 

We also wanted to ensure that when the time is right we will be ready to help play are part in keeping the economy going and will need our experienced team to do this.

If you try to contact your normal adviser and receive an out of office reply this will contain the contact details of our authorised financial adviser directors - please do email them they will be happy to provide advice and guidance.

These are unprecedented times and our team will be doing their best to respond to you as quickly as possible, so please be patient with us.  We will endeavour to continue to be here for you, COVID-19 or not.

Please stay safe


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