Sustainability Statement


The Russian war on Ukraine has caused widespread and severe damage to the environment and inflicted both immediate and longer-term consequences on human health.  It has resulted in the widespread destruction of ecosystems and large increases in pollution.  As we emerged from the pandemic already facing many shortages due to economic inactivity the situation in Eastern Europe has led to further shortages resulting in spiralling costs.

Sadly, despite our best intentions we find ourselves taking a backward step in our efforts to assist in tackling climate change.  The uncertainty over the world’s supply of resources and subsequently energy has delayed our move to 100% renewables. 

However, we will not allow the war in Eastern Europe to derail all our efforts and will regroup with a new net zero goal of 2030, while disappointing we will still be ahead of the Government’s target for the UK of net zero by 2050.  While frustrated we continue to look forward taking positive, while realistic, action towards a net zero future for Lewis Investment and will endeavour to exceed this goal.


Sustainability Statement

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