Retirement Solutions

Retirement takes more than financial preparation. It is more of a journey than an arrival at a life destination. It is not an end but a beginning” – Kathy Merlino

Retirement Income solutions in the past were very different to those available today. We provide a multi-asset approach that is suitable for anyone who wishes to achieve a long-term income stream, together with the benefit of retaining the real value of their capital.

Our solutions apply whether your money is currently in a pension vehicle, or simply money in the bank or invested elsewhere.

The new era of low long term interest rates and low overall inflation dictates our view on investments. Over the long term we believe that a combination of commercial property investment and stock market funds are best placed to provide income and inflation protection.

Through this multi-asset approach, we are achieving an income of around 5% per annum, with the long-term capital maintained or even, in some cases, increased because they are ‘real assets’.

Importantly, this allows for passing assets to loved ones.

The main alternative, which is risk free, is a vehicle called an annuity. There are lots of difference types of annuity and you can shop around – you don’t have to buy one from your current pension provider. However, once you have bought your annuity you only have a short time to change your mind (usually around 30 days). After that you can’t change your decision. There has been the disadvantage that returns are generally very low and capital is usually lost at death. So, if you wish to take the annuity route it is extremely important that your requirements are fully investigated with an experienced financial adviser to ensure you make the right choice.

Find out why and when to save into a pension and how to work out what your pension pot might be

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