Default Portfolio

 This is the default portfolio for non-advised Lewis Workplace Pension members which is designed to provide a diversified spread of low risk investments to suit most investors.  The Default fund also incorporates an element of ‘lifestyling’. Lifestyling means, generally, as you get closer to retirement your savings will be moved automatically into funds that are less volatile. That can help to protect you from unexpected falls in fund prices that could reduce the pension you get.

Fund nameFund ClassDistribution TypeSEDOL Code
L&G UK 100 Index TrustClass IAccB0CNGN1
L&G International IndexClass IAccB2Q6HX7
L&G US Index TrustClass IAccB0CNGT7
L&G European Index TrustClass IAccB0CNGR5
L&G Japan Index TrustClass IAccB0CNGW0


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