The Lewis Workplace Pension Trust has its own dedicated website which provides further information about the scheme and frequently asked questions for both employers and members.

The Lewis Workplace Pension Trust was established in January 2013 to help employers with little experience of pensions with the daunting task of launching a workplace pension for their employees. It is our aim to ensure a smooth transition when the time comes to enrol staff and comply with the legislation.


The Lewis Master Trust scheme is governed by the trustees who each ensure that the administration and investment management of the scheme is in the best interests of members.

The scheme is currently applying for accreditation under the Master Trust Assurance Framework.

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The Trustees are ultimately responsible for all aspects of running the scheme including the administration, the investment and the governance, giving comfort to employers and members that the scheme is being well managed.

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Investment Committee

The Investment committee monitor the market and the existing default, lifestyle and model portfolios and reports directly to the trustees with any recommended changes.

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Third Party Administrator

Carey Corporate Pensions UK Limited is the Scheme Administrator.

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Why Us?

Dedicated & Customer Oriented

Our team are dedicated to providing clients with a first class service where the members best interests are at the heart of what we do.   We grow the business effectively while always maintaining the quality of the client service being delivered.

Cost Effective & Inclusive

To offer a cost effective, safe and Auto Enrolment compliant solution for all our clients to save for retirement.

Innovative & Compliant

We ensure that the Lewis Work Place Trust is fully compliant with current legislation and requirements of The Pension Regulator.  Ensuring that the most effective IT and marketing solutions are adopted and that they are maintained in a secure environment.

Tried and Tested
Master Trust Assurance Framework Accredited

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