Later Life

We help clients shape plans for their future security and well-being. As we are now living longer, it is imperative that we think about later life and the problems we may face as we get older; our wealth needs to last as long as we do and be sufficient for our needs.

Often decisions about paying for care come at a highly stressful and emotional time, when the decision is no longer a choice.  Families often find it hard to know which way to turn when someone needs care and their priority is the "actual" care need and not the finances.

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Our Step by step guide to Later Life planning:

Step 1 - The RIGHT information

Making sure you have the right information is key to making the correct decisions about planning the financing of long term care.

Knowing which benefits may be available, the type of care that may be needed and how much it is likely to cost, all contribute to getting the right financial plan in place.

Our aim is to give you peace of mind for the future.

Step 2 – The RIGHT advice

Our team of experienced advisers can help you make the right decisions about financing care.

  • Evaluate – beginning with an evaluation of current income, investments, assets and liabilities, the adviser works closely with clients to produce a report to ensure the best possible solution is reached.
  • Plan – build a bespoke solution, looking at the risks and costs and comparing options before deciding what’s right for you.
  • Implement – agree a plan and action it.
  • Generate the required income and maximise the length of time that assets are available.

Step 3 – REGULAR reviews

Sometimes care needs change – and with that fees can increase.

As your advisers we will hold regular review meetings to ensure that you are always best positioned to cope with any changes.

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