Investment Options

Our preferred option for investments is a broad selection of stock market collective funds. These allow the individual investor to participate in a professionally managed portfolio of shares or other assets with many other investors. Through the pooling of resources, monies can be invested in a wide spread of investments at a lower cost than could have been achieved by individuals acting on their own. As an example, one of our investment funds for the UK stock market will typically have about 70 different company holdings, which provides a higher level of diversification than if investing in just a few different individual company shares. Diversification should lower the overall risk when investing.

In the investment world there are thousands of different investment funds to choose from and our investment committee meet regularly to review our core list of preferred funds. For ease of administration and servicing, these are housed within one account even when using funds from differing providers.

Your risk appetite, circumstances and aims, will determine the selection of investment funds that we recommend for you. The underlying risk of the funds can vary from low to very high risk and will be tailored towards your circumstances. There are also different ways to invest, such as within an ISA, which can provide tax benefits.

For some investors, there are specialised investments that may be suitable for some of their portfolio, such as Venture Capital Trusts, or the Alternative Investment Market shares.

 As part of our on-going advice and reviews, existing investments will be discussed with you and if any changes are required or to make use of future tax allowances, such as ISA’s or Capital Gains Tax exemptions, we will provide our recommendations.   


The value of investments can go down as well as up, you may not get back your original investment.


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