Commercial Property

Lewis' believe that property should form part of any well balanced portfolio.  One of the golden rules of safe, successful, long term investment is to spread the risk.  With low long term interest rates, commercial property investment has become part of our core proposition.

The high and yet steady income expected through the commercial rent makes this asset class a very good balance with our recommended stock market investments.

However, it is often difficult for private investors to achieve a balanced portfolio of commercial property investment.  We facilitate commercial property investments through pension syndicates and property clubs, therefore enabling this balance and spread to be attained.  The properties purchased already have tenants in place and some have very long leases remaining.

Income or capital growth - If you are looking for immediate income then you or your pension fund simply receive your share of the rent each month net of any costs.

If you are happy to defer your income, then you can take on a share of the mortgage and you or your pension fund use your share of the rent to repay the mortgage.  Once the mortgage is repaid then you receive more income than if you had been in receipt of the rent from day one.

Through commercial property we believe that in present economic conditions real rates of returns can be achieved, while at the same time reduce risk through a balanced portfolio of commercial property syndicates and largely stock market based investment funds.

The value of commercial property and the rental income from it can go down as well as up and you may not get back your original investment.

The syndicated properties are shown on the map with a house icon. 

Once the map has been expanded it is possible to find any property by the syndicate name shown on the left-hand side.  To extend the list of property names click on the ... more at the bottom of the property syndicates menu.

If you click on the property image a full size photo will open.

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