Our Proposition

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Importantly, we recognise that everyone has their own unique set of circumstances, goals and ambitions. Understanding your aspirations and building a strong relationship is key. We are happy to invest our time to develop and maintain our relationship with you.

Our ‘mission’, for want of a better word, is to facilitate you in achieving these aspirations by delivering a financial solution tailored to your wants and needs.

To develop your financial solution, we will:

  • Identify your needs and objectives – listen to your concerns, goals and ideals
  • Gather information – ensuring we have all the relevant facts
  • Prepare analysis – research the market
  • Develop a realistic plan of action – provide clear recommendations
  • Implement your plan – Once agreed put it in place for you
  • Monitor your progress – Meet with you regularly to review and make any tweaks

Where suitable, the Lewis’ solution will help you achieve a steady regular income with strong inflation protection. We achieve this by using a common sense approach. Your funds will be split between commercial property, which produces a high rate of income and the possibility of capital growth in the future, and our preferred portfolio of income producing capital enhancing funds.



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