Investing ethically is not a new concept.  Lewis Investment have always enabled clients to express their views by avoiding investment in such industries as arms, tobacco, fossil fuels or gambling.

ESG Investment


Issues such as climate change and pollution


Issues around the workplace and human behaviours


Issues such as politics, executive pay and ethics

So what is ESG investing and why is it different?

  • Environment
  • Social
  • Governance

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) sets principles for industry on how they conduct themselves and allows you, the investor, to judge them by their own standards, policies and procedures.  It’s so much more than just climate change; it incorporates how they treat their people, their supply chain and diversify their board and decision making.

As a good example visit The Co-op UK website 

ESG Planet not profit

“Those who cannot remember the past are  condemned to repeat it.”    

George  Santayana

People are changing and attitudes evolving as more individuals express their views on civil rights and past inequalities.

Exploring our individual responsibility to attempt to mitigate the result of human activity is inevitable.

We believe investing in sustainable growth and positive social change will, in time, become integral to future investment. Companies will need to learn, mitigate and adapt or be judged on their failure to do so.

We want to be able to answer our children or grandchildren when asked, that we played our part in reducing environmental impacts and ensuring equality for all to improve their future.

After all they will inherit the earth.

ESG In our hands

For evil to succeed, all it needs is for good men to do nothing.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

We believe the future will be shaped by investing responsibly through ESG and embrace this change.

Lewis Investment proactively advising clients on their Investments and Pensions for more than 33  years

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ESG The planet in our hands

ESG helping to build our tomorrow

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