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Employee Benefits

Looking after your people so they can look after you


We understand and share the issues entrepreneurs and business owners face when dealing with employee benefits and workplace pensions.  That’s why we established The Lewis Workplace Pension Trust in January 2013; to provide an auto-enrolment solution for those facing a new and daunting task.

To continue our goal to provide support to fellow businesses we have set up an in-house Employee Benefits team to help employers create bespoke benefit packages for their most valuable asset, their employees.  By looking at what people want and which benefits help with their work-life balance we can provide everything you need to help support the wellbeing of your employees – whether it's physical, financial, or emotional.

We can help both individuals and businesses make informed choices, whether you need:


"Cindy has been invaluable.  She has helped us explore and understand the benefits that we have now included for our employees. 

Not only has this helped our employees, but it has greatly reduced my workload! Many thanks!"

Zofia, electropagesmedia

Please note: some employee benefits are subject to a P11D liability

 To arrange a free initial consultation to see if we can help you

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