COVID-19 has changed the way we feel

Whichever way we look at it COVID-19 has changed the way we think and feel about many things, including our wellbeing.

We have experienced the destructive effects of stress and uncertainty and recognise that our very core has been changed, possibly forever. The things we could always rely on, like the NHS, have been totally overwhelmed.

While unexpected, the pandemic has allowed us the time to reflect on what is really important, what we want and, most certainly, what we do not want. Home working has changed the way we look and think about our future needs, lifestyle and any previous employment location limitations no longer exist, thanks to an evolving remote world.

That is possibly why almost two million employees have decided to make the change, to look for a new job or career that meets their revised goals and aspirations.  A poll of 4,000 workers by Aviva found 60% planned to make changes such as switching careers, learning a new skill or finding a new role within their existing organisation, all as a result of the pandemic.

So what can employers do to mitigate the challenges of talent shortages and redefine the employee experience? Whatever it is, it needs to be effective and sustainable.

With employers competing to attract the best talent offering health and wellbeing as part of their rewards strategy, some even offering hairdressing or massages, it may be time for all to review their own strategy to ensure they offer the right mix of financial as well as support.  One thing is for sure if employers want to win the war for talent, they can no longer ignore this area of reward.

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