“I do a lot of work for charity, mate!”


Tim Lewis and Lee van Hoyland of Lewis Investment with David Chapman and Steve Wells of DWP Housing Partnership.

The younger members of our audience may find that title a little bemusing, search YouTube for Smashie and Nicey, and it certainly gives away our average age!

Anyway, it’s a lie. We know we could do more and that is why we have donated £500 to the BC Club driving challenge; David Chapman and Steve Wells of DWP Housing Partnership brought the taxi to our offices to convince us to contribute!

The BC Club started as a group of lads getting together to have a good time, whilst also doing something positive to help those less fortunate. For this "Top Gear" style challenge each club member will be charged £250 to drive a taxi, adorned with logos from member’s businesses, for one week covering a minimum of 150 miles. They are not allowed to drive any other form of transport during their time or they will be ‘fined’ extra money to go to charity. Let’s hope there are no weddings!

Sadly the taxi isn’t for hire!

Their aim is to raise funds of £15,000 in aid of Variety Wessex, who provide support for sick, disabled and disadvantaged children. The funds raised will enable them to provide mobility aids, Sunshine Coaches and fun events and days out for children and young people in the region.

So here is the important bit. The taxi will become a common sight across the conurbation until Christmas so if you see it give them a toot and if you are feeling generous why not donate to this worthy cause

Tim Lewis and Steve Wells

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