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Sale of Syndicate and Lifetime Allowance


Sale of Nova 26

Following the purchase of the Tesco Express, 81 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth in January 2012 for a figure of £900,000, we are delighted to confirm completion of the sale of this property at £1,500,000.

This resulted in the syndicate investors achieving a return of between  30 and 90% over a period of 20 months after all fees. 

Alastair Warwick Smith , Director, Lewis Property Management Services (UK) Ltd  said "I am very pleased with the result, however, it is funny how some of the lowest risk property investments end up making a much more substantial return that originally predicted'

Lifetime Pension Allowance

The lifetime allowance is the amount that the government will allow you to have in a pension before a tax charge is suffered.  Currently this is £1.5 million and on the 6th APril 2014, this reduces to £1.25 million.  By acting before that date protection can be achieved, but time is short so if this could apply to you contact Lewis'.


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