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Our Proposition - Income


Immediate Income

Although the stockmarket has seen little growth over the past 13 years and bank interest rates are at historically low levels, Lewis' solution will help you achieve a steady regular income with strong inflation protection. We achieve this by using a common sense approach.

50% of the investment is in commercial property which produces a high rate of income and the possibility of capital growth in the future.

50% is invested in our preferred portfolio of income producing capital enhancing funds.  

50% Commercial Property: 

This arrangement has been successful in producing high income yields of between 5% and 8% per annum, before tax, together with potential capital growth.

It is very simple - your investment buys you a share of a property and you receive your percentage share of the rent as income, after costs.

For example we completed a commercial property investment in Winchester, in March 2011, with strong tenants in a central business location. For our direct investors this is paying monthly income at a rate of 6.5% per annum, after charges, but before tax. 

50% Preferred Investment Portfolio:

The combination of direct commercial property holdings and our preferred investment funds means that we achieve unique and steady income streams, whilst investing in real assets. These make for a very strong inflation protected portfolio.

Investment income may be achieved through your pension or your standard investments. 


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