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Employee Benefits

Auto Enrolment

For 27 years we have been advising directors of companies on how best to provide employee benefits for their staff. This is particularly relevant with the new AUTO ENROLMENT RULES the Government introduced in 2013.

We are able to assist small, medium and larger employers with their employee benefit solutions.

Our auto enrolment solution is unique and extremely cost effective.

The majority of advisers are charging fees for this, however, we feel that in most cases the employer is helping a lot by contributing 3% per annum of eligible pay, as well as paying National Insurance.

We have therefore designed an extremely cost effective scheme for employers.

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Every employer has new legal duties to help their workers in the UK save for retirement. They must automatically enrol certain workers into a qualifying workplace pension scheme and make contributions towards it.

 Employers Obligations

 Assess your workforce

 I.            Eligible Worker

II.            Entitled Workers

III.           Non Eligible Workers

  • Implement business software systems and processes
  • Communicating the changes to workers
  • Provide a Qualifying Pension Scheme

 A qualifying scheme:

  • permits automatic enrolment
  • facilitates the payment of contributions from the employer's payroll
  • offers a default investment fund
  • delivers a minimum accrual rate or minimum contribution

Lewis Solution

Lewis Investment has a bespoke solution to significantly reduce the burden from you as the employer.

Following an initial company fact find an auto enrolment activity plan will be produced with a checklist and analysis to determine the obligation to the employer, which includes:

Checking all ages

  • Checking all salary calculations
  • Allocating workers into categories

- Entitled

- Eligible

- Non-eligible

  • Creating correspondence to communicate to employees

 The Workplace Pension Master Trust Proposition

Lewis Investment has a unique solution that is cost-effective for all types, shapes and sizes of company. Lewis' can deliver for the employer a bespoke solution for a company scheme that is managed and monitored proactively.

 Most importantly our workplace pension will ensure:

  • Establishment and installation of an appropriate pension scheme
  • Establishment of the investment mandate
  • Establishment of agreements with all parties
  • On going assessment of workforce
  • Assessing and dealing with opt ins & opt outs
  • Assessing and dealing with new joiners & leavers
  • On line access of employees & employers
  • Reporting to The Pensions Regulator
  • Full advice to Employer & Employees

 Features of the Lewis' Master Trust Workplace Pension Plan

  • Auto enrolment ready to meet legislative changes to workplace pensions.
  • Model Portfolios of funds are available and monitored by the Pension Fund Committee.
  • Automatic Enrolment fund option.
  • Online information available.
  • Transparent fee schedule.
  • Flexible options in retirement


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